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Susan is literally a Godsend and even though I have only been there twice, I feel so welcomed and at home.  Jim is wonderful and I don't know what I would do without his huge heart and dedication to making people whole again.  Greg is great too and I know all of you have my health and wellbeing as your priority.  You have no idea how much this means to me.  Thank you!  


I began my journey back to health with Risa MacDonald of East Sacramento Physical Therapy.  I had very nearly given up finding any help for my pelvic pain.  Risa was a breath of fresh air.  Encouraging, knowledgeable, effective and positive.  Those are the words that come to mind when I think of her treatment.  Her touch is magical and she does a wonderful job of incorporating the latest techniques and research for an integrated approach to the complex problems of pelvic pain.  Her instruction for self-care is clear and graduated so I learned how to care for my self in a gentle manner.  Her support staff is great which makes it a pleasure to go to therapy!  All her Therapy Assistants are experienced and the addition of Elizabeth Grether-Wyss for Pilates rounds out the treatment with core strengthening.  My pain is minimal now and I am pro-active in maintaining strength and relaxation.  I owe a great deal to East Sacramento Physical Therapy.  It's a great place to start your journey back to health.


When I developed a problem with stress incontinence, I tried to perform Kegel exercises but had great difficulty finding the right technique with no instruction. In fact my problem kept getting worse. On a routine doctor visit I brought it up and after asking a few questions the doctor referred me to Physical Therapy for Women". They taught me the correct method for Kegels and within a short time there was a big improvement in my condition. Thanks for giving my life back!

- L.M.

This problem has controlled my life from age 5…the progress I’m seeing gives me hope for the future.

- D.B.

After two years of ineffective interventions for vaginal irritation, and painful intercourse, your treatment helped solve the problem. My hope is that other women with similar conditions will be referred, not only as a last alternative, but as a regular and effective treatment approach.

- S.J.

I am 54 years old and for the first time in my life I am aware that stress causes me to tighten my pelvic muscles (which results in painful intercourse). Risa is teaching me to build my pelvic floor muscles and my incontinence is decreasing rapidly. I just wish I had known of her program years ago!

- D.D.

Thank you for obtaining the biofeedback therapy I just completed. I understand that it was very difficult to obtain. Because of therapy, I am now pain-free the majority of the time, whereas before the treatment I had constant pain.

- N.G.

What could have been a most unpleasant experience was wonderful and corrective because of my therapist and all of the other caring staff.    

- M.N.

You were a GODSEND to me!    

- E.G.

I am very happy with my therapy.  I feel normal again, and my life no longer revolves around bathrooms.  Thank you so much.

- D.B.

I was referred to the clinic suffering extreme pelvic pain.  I am now living relatively pain-free.   My sincere thanks.

- D.S.

My therapy has been life changing. My quality of life has improved due to the information on diet, exercise and daily routine that I acquired.  I appreciate your making me feel relaxed during my visits.  The staff was always friendly and helpful.  It was a great experience.  Thanks for all your help.  

- M.H.

Very good therapists; exercises are very helpful.  I think this clinic provides a wonderful, holistic alternative to surgery, at least in my situation; tools I learned here are invaluable.  

- Anonymous

I want to thank all of you for giving me hope for a better quality of life.  I feel like I am getting more control of my own body, and I am grateful (and this is only my 5th visit)!!  

- P.H.

Thank you all for the help I have received.  I wish I had done this MANY YEARS ago!!    

- J.F.

To the staff of East Sacramento Physical Therapy... Jim, Patrick, Nathan, Master Chief Todd,
I would have never made it without you. I had Stage 2 Prostate Cancer on 8/2/2017. When I began therapy on 12/18/2017 I was using 14 pads plus 3 diapers per day. Six months into Biofeedback treatment I am using maybe one pad per day. I am in my sixth month. Thank God I just dried up but once in a blue moon I use a pad or two. 

- T.A.  

Thank you for reading the testimonies of some of our clients. You may find that physical therapy is what you need to live a healthy and happy life. We hope you will call ESPT when that happens.